Cenforce 150 MG

  Cenforce 150  mg treats weakness (erectile brokenness) in men. It works by spiking the bloodstream to the penile region of the body. This helps men gain and keep an erection. It has a place with the meds' phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE 5) inhibitors family. You can take this medication while starving or with food. You should accept this medication precisely as coordinated by your PCP. Take it about an hour prior to participating in any sexual movement. This medication can assist you with getting an erection whenever you've been physically stimulated. Then again, this medication won't work without sexual excitement. It very well may be hazardous to take it with nitrate-based prescriptions (frequently given for chest agony or angina). Try not to take this medication on the off chance that you have heart or liver issues, hypertension, or as of late suffered a heart attack or respiratory failure. Abstain from drinking liquor while taking this medicine since it builds the oppor